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Ok, so as most of you know, we foster cats and kittens for Pound Rescue. Having cats and kittens around means that, inevitably, we will have carpet stains. Whether it’s hairballs, stains from kittens who still haven’t mastered the litterbox yet, or stains from a sick cat, they aren’t fun to clean up!

Since I’ve discovered Norwex, this unpleasant job has gotten so much easier! On many minor stains, a quick scrub with a damp Enviro cloth takes care of it, but if it’s been there a while, or if it’s a ‘grosser’ stain (like vomit or diarrhea) the Carpet Stain Buster is my new best friend. This is how I use it: remove any solid matter, then give a quick scrub with an Enviro cloth. Spray with Carpet Stain Buster (always use it diluted) and let sit for a few minutes (usually about five or so, unless I forget about it). Scrub with a damp Enviro cloth, switching to a clean side or cloth if necessary. The product info that I have says to repeat if necessary, but I’ve never had to. The enzymes in the product keep working even after the stain is gone, so you don’t have to worry about any odours coming back. Plus, it’s perfectly safe to use around the pets, which is very important to me!

You can also use this product in a steam cleaning machine, but I haven’t done that yet – I’ll need to do that soon though! When I’ve tried it, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Update:  I used the Carpet Stain Buster in my carpet cleaner, and I couldn’t be more impressed!  The carpets look great, feel nice and soft on my bare feet, and don’t smell at all.  I like the fact that there are no perfumes or chemicals left behind, and I didn’t have to breathe in anything toxic while I cleaned them.  I also love that I use to little in the solution tank.  The dilution ratio is 2 tsp per litre of water, so it’s going to last forever!  Win Win!

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  1. Comment by Chaleur on May 14, 2011 12:55

    I always have that knee jerk reaction, at your place: “oh no I’m going to breathe new carpet outgassings”, then realize that even though it looks and feels new it’s past all that! Most chemicals don’t actually keep things looking new, even though they claim to. I love your place! so nice – so safe.

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